Great Union of Forces by Number Ones

Petrol Ofisi, the leader of the Turkish fuel and lubricants industry, and Altınordu, the number 1 grassroots brand, signed a 3-year “companionship” agreement.

Petrol Ofisi, the leading brand in the fuel and lubricants industry of OUR COUNTRY, and Altınordu, the best grassroots brand of the Turkish football, have undertaken quite a comprehensive ‘companionship’ project. Setting out with the slogan ‘Petrol Ofisi Supports Turkey's Future,’ Petrol Ofisi will help Altınordu, which has no foreign player in its squad and has initiated the greatest tide of change in the Turkish football thanks to its investments into the youth, speed up in its journey to the summit through this project. Petrol Ofisi will thus be the greatest supporter in the project of ‘carrying the Turkish youth onward’ of the club.

Great Union of Forces by ‘Number Ones’


Altınordu President Seyit Mehmet Özkan and Petrol Ofisi CEO Selim Şiper signed the ‘largest,’ ‘longest,’ and ‘most comprehensive’ cooperation project in the history of TFF First League at the Bornova Municipality Stadium. The ceremony was attended by the top executives of both brands, Bornova Mayor Olgun Atila, Altınordu FC Manager Hüseyin Eroğlu, A Team captains Serkan Göksu and Uğur Arslan Kuru, as well as Erce Kardeşler and Fatih Aktay, Football Vocational School (AFMO), Football Training Institution (AFEK) athletes and technical staff. The cooperation between Altınordu and Petrol Ofisi includes the A Team jersey sponsorship and support of U2 Izmir Cup and other international junior football tournaments, as well as various projects to be developed. The contract, which includes exhibiting the Altınordu jerseys at the predetermined Petrol Ofisi stations, was signed for 3 years in the first stage. The scope of the project will be expanded when Altınordu rises to the Super League.


Altınordu President Seyit Mehmet Özkan underlined that they were cooperating with a private company for the first time since their incorporation in 2012: “We set out with confidence in the children of this land and left behind five years successfully. We are currently the most recognized football club in Europe following the big three. Last week we met Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Villarreal and Real Sociedad in Spain to discuss what we can do. Petrol Ofisi is a Turkish brand that was born in this land and has won prestige not only in our country but also around the world. I consider this project as the union of forces by the two valuable companies springing from this land, and therefore I support it wholeheartedly.”


Özkan emphasized that the cooperation with Petrol Ofisi is not limited to a standard jersey sponsorship: ‘Altınordu jersey is very precious for us. Each knot represents almost a hundred years of labor and sweat. We have not had any intention of turning such a precious product into a commercial bargaining material and we have been planning to use our jersey as the main actor of a social responsibility project in important collaborations with the UEFA. However, Petrol Ofisi approached us in an incredible manner and obviously persuaded us. When we saw the sincerity of Petrol Ofisi which embraces our children and thinks about tomorrow rather than today, we said ‘yes.’ I would like to thank Petrol Ofisi for its exemplary approach in energizing the Turkish youth and I hope other companies will follow its example. We consider this cooperation not as an A Team jersey sponsorship but as a support for a project that will carry the Turkish youth onward.’


Petrol Ofisi CEO Selim Şiper said: “I have no doubt that Altınordu will return to its bright days with firm and strong steps thanks to the synergy created by this cooperation. We believe that Altınordu will be successful in the short term first in Super League, and then in the European Cups. Selim Şiper pointed out that Altinordu was a club that aimed to develop its players not only in terms of football skills but also personality traits and invested in human values: ‘The most important reason behind this cooperation is undoubtedly the original and strong philosophy of Altınordu. At Petrol Ofisi, we support and adopt such a philosophy that appreciates the human value.

Further noting that they believed that this cooperation would allow for great exchange of knowledge learning and inspiration about vision and approach, Şiper added:

“Altınordu aims to have lasting achievements that will make a real contribution to the country's football and sports. They look to the future like us, design the future and create the infrastructure of the future. At Petrol Ofisi, we look at new horizons and prepare for the future. For this reason, this cooperation between Petrol Ofisi and the Altınordu Football Club is a very accurate and meaningful union at a very right time.’