Use of SCR Fluid (AdBlue®)

SCR System (Selective Catalytic Reduction) is a system integrated into the vehicles as a necessity for exhaust emissions in new generation diesel engines. This system is designed to prevent the release of harmful nitrogen oxide gases of the exhaust gas generated by the combustion in the engine.

Vehicles with SCR system have a separate tank other than the fuel tank. The lid of this tank is usually blue to prevent confusion. SCR fluid should be added through this blue lid at certain intervals. The relevant warning sign in vehicles warns the driver when an addition needs to be made. The SCR system is generally effective at high engine revolutions. It does not always cause consumption. It is not cycled in a closed system as an engine oil is, and is a liquid consumed regularly like fuel.


Once the warning sign is on, the engine usually switches to self-protection, depending on the brand and model of the vehicle. In some brands, it is designed to stop the vehicle completely not to start over while in others, it only limits the engine revolution of the vehicle, thus preventing it from reaching a certain revolution. In this process, adding different liquids such as water to the system instead of SCR fluid to turn off the warning sign off will cause the system to malfunction and clog. In addition, since there is typically a sensor on the system that measures the amount of urea in the solution, you have to use a product with the correct solution and quality.
The ideal SCR fluid should be prepared with 32.5% of urea and deionized water (or its derivatives) for the rest (62.5%). The urea used should be industrial, i.e. suitable for automotive. AdBlue® is a registered SCR fluid brand of VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry). In line with the above information, it is of great importance to use AdBlue for both the environment and your vehicle.
Protect the environment and your vehicle under Petrol Ofisi guarantee
You can purchase the Petrol Ofisi AdBlue product with VDA certification in line with the ISO 22241-1 and DIN 70070 standards from Petrol Ofisi stations.
Petrol Ofisi AdBlue,
  • Provides up to 6% fuel economy compared to Euro III level fuel consumption in Euro V vehicles where SCR technology is used.
  • It is eco-friendly. It reduces nitrogen acids (NOx) emitted by the exhaust gas by up to 80%.
  • It is easy to use, reliable, safe and efficient.