You can use the map to find the nearest Petrol Ofisi station around you, as well as filter by fuel and service type, and you can get navigation to the selected station in seconds.



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An Exclusive Petrol Ofisi Service: Where is the Station?

Running out of fuel? You can now use our map to find the nearest Petrol Ofisi stations! Use the Where is the Station tool specially created for you by Petrol Ofisi to locate the nearest gas station, choose your station preference through various filters, and draw a route to the nearest station instantly. Petrol Ofisi’s Where is the Station application is by your side whenever you are ready to fill up your tank!

The Easiest Way to Find the Nearest Gas Station

Thanks to the Where is the Station application, you can list all Petrol Ofisi stations on our detailed map and find the nearest station by creating comprehensive filtering based on your city and district. You can change your route to the nearest station when your fuel is about to run out, locate the closest Petrol Ofisi stations, and find their phone numbers for each province.

Everything You Need Is at the Nearest Petrol Ofisi Station

With the Where is the Station application, you can filter and select not only the nearest Petrol Ofisi stations but also the services you want to receive from the relevant station in detail. After selecting your current city and district, you can view all Petrol Ofisi stations in the Services section according to payment methods, stores, car wash options, and food and beverage facilities. For example, if you want to fill your vehicle with fuel and have it washed as well, you can select the Car Wash option from the Services field after choosing your city and district and list the stations where this service is available. After purchasing your fuel, you can head to the stations with Tchibo Coffee points when you want to treat yourself to a nice cup of hot coffee, and for moments you want a snack, you can head to Petrol Ofisi stations where restaurants, cafes, and bakeries can be found.

Stations With Mobile Payment Options

Thanks to this life-saving application, you can determine the nearest Petrol Ofisi station from any city and district and head there immediately. Complete your payment much easier by choosing one of the various methods Petrol Ofisi offers. You can choose between three payment methods: Pay & Go, Mobile Pay & Go, or Mobile POS & Go, and filter the stations accordingly. In addition, you can choose from options such as PO/GAZ, AutoMatic, and Positive Card, depending on the product you want to purchase. Fill your tank and get something to eat at the closest Petrol Ofisi stations, which house popular facilities such as Migros Jet, Kap Bi' Tat, and Knorr & Lipton Point.

Find the Nearest Petrol Ofisi Station Without Wasting A Single Minute

If you are wondering where the nearest gas station is, you can create a filter by fuel and station type using the map in the Where is the Station application. You can easily fuel up using our renewed tool without wasting any time and accessing each station's contact information. Thanks to this useful application, where you can get up-to-date directions along with full addresses and phone numbers, you can reach your target destination within minutes. Meet all your needs by listing stations with different services such as Maxima Oil Change Center, baby care units, ATM areas, WC for children and the disabled, VavaCars services, and Hepsimat delivery points. The nearest Petrol Ofisi station is at your fingertips with this app!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the closest station to me through the application?

When you open the Where is the Station application, you can select the city and district you are in from the filtering field that appears in front of you and view all the closest stations instantly. When you want to receive a different service such as baby care, accessible WC, and ATMs through the station, you choose the appropriate option from the Services section.

How can I draw a route to the nearest station?

If you click on the Petrol Ofisi icons of the stations that appear after selecting the city, district, and services, you can directly receive up-to-date directions to the station and map out a route via the navigation app installed on your phone.

Can I access the phone numbers of the stations using the app?

You can access the full address and phone number details of each gas station by clicking on the red pin that appears on the map.

Are the current fuel prices listed on the application?

For the full list of current fuel prices, you can visit our Fuel Prices page.