Petrol Ofisi
is able to offer services nationwide with the most widespread retail network covering all of 81 cities and 700 districts across Turkey.

Petrol Ofisi is Turkey’s leading fuel, LPG distribution and lubricants company with more than 1.800 fuel stations, 1 lubricant plant, 8 fuel terminals, 1 LPG terminal, 20 airport supply units, and nearly 1 million cubic meters of storage capacity.

With customer satisfaction centric services and high quality products Petrol Ofisi aims to transform fuel purchase into an enjoyable, easy, fast and convenient experience in a safe environment



In 1,700 stations, Petrol Ofisi does not only provide its customers with fuel and lubricants but also offers solutions to meet any needs that may arise during a trip. In this context, we are constantly expanding our range of services by giving place to special and well-known retail brands in specific stations, striving to make your trip more comfortable.

With two different supermarket formats - Market and Market PLUS - we create clean and relaxing places where our customers can meet their own and their vehicles’ needs and do safe and high-quality shopping.


The First And Only Cooperation in Station Stores with Petrol Ofisi and Migros!

Petrol Ofisi, Turkey’s largest retailer and fuel industry leader operating 24/7, and Migros, the pioneer of the multi-format food retail, has embarked on an innovative collaboration full of advantages. Migros took over the operation of supermarkets in selected Petrol Ofisi stations to become the first supermarket chain serving in gas stations. Thanks to this partnership, MigrosJet stores (the smaller store format of Migros) offer services at selected Petrol Ofisi stations, which now allow customers to do their grocery shopping easily while buying fuel.


Outstanding PO Super Wash Technology in Vehicle Washing

PO Super Wash offers 3 washing options based on customer needs: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Polish is offered as an extra in the Silver option while the additional special polish in the Gold option maintains the cleanliness and brightness of vehicles longer. With PO SuperWash, Petrol Ofisi offers specialized, practical, fast, and eco-friendly solutions for car washing. Vehicles washed with generous programs shine. Moreover, the system’s special sponge brush technology prevents scratching. Super Wash JET is another concept in the Petrol Ofisi car wash system. New-generation manual washing units offer a reliable structure for both practical and fast washing solutions. The Super Wash JET concept offers an easy and fast car wash alternative to the users by combining the pressurized water, detergent and special polish options in single wash.

Lubricant Change

Petrol Ofisi maxima and MAXIMUS Centers with Fast, Economic and Environmental Services

Beyond being a product supplier, Petrol Ofisi Lubricants
makes a difference in the industry with its value-added services.

As part of Petrol Ofisi's customer-focused service concept, oil control and oil change services are now offered in gas stations with maxima Centers for passenger cars and MAXIMUS Centers for heavy vehicles. Fast, affordable, and eco-friendly service principle, maxima Centers has exceeded 130 in number.

In those centers, the professional staff provided with technical and marketing training by Petrol Ofisi performs free oil control and oil change services. Thus, vehicle owners who arrive at the station to purchase fuel, are able to have the oil control and change done in only 15 minutes in a clean and comfortable environment.

Petrol Ofisi’s 10 Special Services, launched last year, added eight new items to the free control and exchange services offered at the maxima centers. The vehicle is tested for engine lubricant, filters, antifreeze, wiper liquid, radiator fluid, wiper blades, tires, and battery, and the driver is warned if change/replacement or replenishment is required. Upon the approval of the driver, necessary changes are made free of charge by lubricants experts. In addition, lubricants experts carry out electrical and hydraulic system controls again free of charge and inform drivers to take their vehicles to the service point. Petrol Ofisi’s signature 10 Special Services has been deployed in 84 maxima Centers across Turkey, the number increasing each passing day.


Petrol Ofisi also offers oil control and change center services for heavy vehicles in line with the demands and needs of its customers. 4 Petrol Ofisi MAXIMUS Oil Change Centers offer special services for heavy vehicles in different locations around Turkey.

Pay & Pass


Petrol Ofisi offers a new way of payment, which makes your life easier. Thanks to PAY & PASS, you no longer need to leave your vehicle to make payment in more than 1,000 Petrol Ofisi fuel stations included in the PAY & PASS system. You only swipe your Positive Card, which you have paired with your credit card, through the device on the pump.

Our stations with Pay & Pass system

PAY & PASS payments can be made in more than 1,000 Petrol Ofisi stations included in the PAY & PASS system. You can view our PAY & PASS stations on the ‘Where is PO’ page.

Please click here for detailed information.

Western Union

Western Union

As another convenience for customers by Petrol Ofisi, Western Union, the leader in global payment services with more than 550,000 agencies in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, began to operate at Petrol Ofisi stations which have acquired a franchise.


  • You can easily send or withdraw money at Petrol Ofisi stations with Western Union, without the need for a bank account.
  • Thanks to the agency network that connects over 200 countries and regions, money transfers by Western Union reach their recipients in minutes.