Always going further with our increasing value proudly and confidently...


As a company created from the resources of this country, our responsibility for our country and our society is greater than our competitors. With this responsibility, every step we take to further the country and society is a national pride for us.

It is a great pride for us to be a company which everyone wants to be a part of. Beyond being a market leader, we aim to be an industry leader prioritizing people and technical safety, taken as a role model, followed in everything we do, and admired for its philosophy and attitude. We are a great team focusing on collective goals rather than individual ones, which will always take our company further. It is essential to show that our activities complement and accelerate each other. Our company is essentially based on continuous improvement, excellence and justice. An organization that has succeeded in these aspects is admired and recognized by all.


The mutual trust among all the stakeholders lies at the heart of a company that everyone wants to be part of. Justice and mutual respect develops only in an environment of trust.

Every stakeholder should aim to do their best to develop trust and achieve collective success. The correct path in business is to respect the law, order, moral rules, and general human conduct in what we do, and this is what reinforces trust.

For us to have confidence in the results of our well-meaning efforts, looking not only at the final outcome but also how this outcome is attained is essential. Our way of doing business must comply with all ethical and ‘Health-Safety-Environment-Security’ rules.

Added Value

Achieving goals and overcoming problems through collective efforts adds on the value of our company and every person among us. Our numerical growth will provide us with the operational capability we desire.

Further growth in both sales and market share brings along a higher value. The continuous progress of our company, which has a great impact on the country's economy, will also be of special importance for our country and society.

In order to excel in our efforts, we must respond to the expectations of our customers in an innovative way and carry out all our activities with high efficiency and effectiveness. In this way, we can add value to all our stakeholders and raise our collective value.

Further Progress

A company can survive only when it is able to maintain its steady growth and expand its sphere of impact beyond borders, i.e. to the whole world.

Being an industry leader means being able to undertake innovative and great projects. Investing in people and creating, exchanging and accumulating knowledge is vital for success.