Being constantly aware of our country’s requirements and challenging the status quo, we continuously develop ourselves. We carry Petrol Ofisi always one step further working with passion, in a manner to lead by example for those who will join us in future.

Customer Orientation

As can be expected of the industry’s leading and pioneering brand, we deem it as one of our key priorities to provide our customers and distinguished business partners with the highest level of service.


We are aware that the only way to operational excellence is working with a high level of dedication and systematic management approach without compromising discipline.


We act honestly under all conditions in line with great goals, which will make significant contribution to the society when achieved, in a manner that can be expected of a major company such as ours. We are the members of Petrol Ofisi family. We walk the talk, and assume full responsibility for our acts.

Team Spirit

We are a giant family together with all our stakeholders consisting of our employees, business partners and customers, who are closely attached to each other. We value each member’s opinion, and work in harmony. We recognize the value of having skills in diverse disciplines.


In line with our corporate principles, we work with a responsibility towards reaching excellence for our country and with full knowledge on all aspects of our business. We never avoid taking the initiative towards achieving this goal, and act with a committed and consistent passion.

National Pride

We always remember our own history and the fact that we are one of the most significant values of Turkey. Taking strength from this national pride, we strive for achieving all targets which will ultimately add value to our company.