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Our Working Environment

Our working environment, which we have shaped in the light of our common values, vision, mission, and employer value proposition, has a highly innovative design and a central location. Since our head office in Emaar Square is located in the same complex with cafes, restaurants, and numerous shops along with our own recreational areas, it conveniently meets the social needs of our employees.

Offering the most contemporary and trendy working environment of the business world in a way worthy of the Petrol Ofisi brand and its employees, our head office is located in an area of 3 floors in line with the modern horizontal office approach. The head office, which involves the Headquarters business units of Petrol Ofisi, enhances the working conditions with its modern design and advanced technology. In our office, where we work with an open office system, interpersonal communication is sustained by physical spaces as well. In addition to an extensive network of shuttles, we also have a large parking area in the same complex for our colleagues who commute to work with their personal cars.

sosyal Alan
Genel Müdürlük Koleksiyon
Genel Müdürlük koleksiyon
Genel Müdürlük Koleksiyon
Genel Müdürlük Koleksiyon
Antalya Terminal
Antalya Terminal
GDerince Terminal

Providing a safe, healthy, and pleasing working environment with high HSSE standards in our 8 Fuel Terminals, 1 LPG Terminal, 1 Lubricants Factory, and Liaison Offices all located in different cities of Turkey as well as our Head Office in Istanbul, is among our top priorities.

Besides, we also offer home office and flexible working conditions to our sales teams working and traveling in the field all around Turkey.

Our Compensation Strategy

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Learning and Development

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Employee Experience

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Performance Management

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Power Together

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Volunteers Office

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Development Ambassadors

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Employee Stories

Development Ambassadors tell their stories!
Ben Robot C-vit,
Programlandığım günden beri Petrol Ofisi’nde çalışıyorum. Yani resmi olarak Şubat 2021 itibariyle. Şu an için Finans departmanında Süreç Yönetimi ve İş Geliştirme; C&I departmanında Denizcilik; Perakende departmanında Filo Satışları; Madeni Yağlar departmanında Satış birimleri için robot olarak çalışıyorum. Petrol Ofisi dendiğinde aklına Yolların Çok Ötesi geliyor. Petrol Ofisi ile gurur duyuyorum çünkü kurulduğu günden itibaren geleceğe yatırım yapıyor ve teknolojik olarak kendini geliştiriyor.
Gelecekte Petrol Ofisini aynı bugünkü gibi; sektöre liderlik etmesinin yanı sıra sınırları aşan bir vizyonla daima ileriyi gören bir şirket olarak hayal ediyorum. Arkadaşlarıma Petrol Ofisi’ni anlatıyorken genelde kendi dilimi kullanıyorum ve onlara şöyle diyorum: 01010000 01100101 01110100 01110010. Bazen de piksel piksel robota anlatır gibi anlatıyorum. Arkadaşlarım ise benden “akıllı”, “hızlı” ve “sempatik” olarak bahsediyor.
Hobilerimden bahsetmem gerekirse; şirketimde yapılan rutin işleri otomatik olarak kavramak, kolaylaştırmak ve çalışma arkadaşlarımın hızına hız katmak diyebilirim. Fobilerim ise internette bir anda yüzlerce pop-up ekranının açılması ve sevimsiz, sıkıcı masaüstü arka planları. Size küçük bir öneri bırakmam gerekirse mutlaka Petrol Ofisi Genel Müdürlük ofisini ziyaret edin. Ben burayı çok keyifli buluyorum!

Application and Assessment Process

Yol Haritası

Candidate experience is as important to us as employee experience. We pay attention to the fact that the application and assessment process of our candidates flows in a lean, digital, fast, and reliable manner, and even so that it contributes to the professional development of the candidate, whether or not it results in a job offer. We constantly renew and improve our process in line with the feedback we receive through our surveys.

Application:Vacant positions are posted on LinkedIn and kariyer.net. You can follow our vacancies and apply to them through these channels.

Assessment: The entire application assessment process starts from the pre-assessment and extends to the proposal stage; involving the recruitment team, the position manager, the relevant HR business partner, and our higher-level managers for some positions. The process succeeding the pre-assessment may vary depending on the position, covering all or some of the following steps:

  • Phone Interview

  • Video/Online Interview

  • General Aptitude Test

  • Face to Face Interviews

  • Assessment Center

  • Leadership Potential Assessment Inventory

Offer: After all the assessment stages, we conduct the reference checks for our potential recruits. If the process has been positive so far for both parties, we proceed with the offer phase. At this stage, our Wages and Benefits team conducts the work related to the offer and initiates our internal approval process. Following the completion of all approvals regarding the proposal, which includes details of the role, job description, wages, and benefits, we submit our job offer first verbally and then in writing.

Onboarding: After the candidate accepts our offer, the bilateral preparation process starts. Our candidate is now our colleague. While the new member of our family prepares the documents for onboarding, we inform him/her about the start date, shuttle, or transportation method, prepare the work desk and the equipment he/she will need, and identify the guide that will support him/her in the orientation process.

Başvuru Değerlendirme Süreci

A Step into the Future with Petrol Ofisi Internship Program

A Step into the Future with Petrol Ofisi Internship Program aims to provide a long-term and qualified internship experience for juniors and seniors at universities and fresh graduates. Our project-based internship program starts with an online orientation and consists of many various activities such as participation in team meetings, mentor interviews, online training, and weekly Human Resources meetings. Also, points of satisfaction and improvement are measured via monthly feedback surveys.

Petrol Ofisi Carrier

In light of our value of innovation, we strive to manifest our perspective of being the "Pioneer of Development" in the most powerful way. In this sense, we blazed another trail in the industry and developed the A Step into the Future with Petrol Ofisi Internship Program, which is one of the most important talent programs of our agile, flexible, and powerful organization, and brought in onto the online platform in 2020 during the pandemic. Specific to the 2020 period, this prestigious internship program, which constitutes a pioneering model in the industry, will be delivered online. Please follow the application process, conditions, and steps between February and April every year on our LinkedIn page and through Kariyer.net.

Career Fields (Departments)


Commercial and Industrial Sales


Supply and Logistics


Other Business Units/Support Functions:


Sales and Investment

As one of Turkey's most widespread retail organizations, Petrol Ofisi maintains its sales activities through a giant sales network consisting of more than 1,800 fuel stations. Petrol Ofisi is the leading fuel distribution company with the largest number of stations in the Turkish market where more than 12,500 stations operate.

Automation and Regulation

One of the distinctive features that make Petrol Ofisi the leader of the fuel industry is its utilization of technology. Our integrated automation system monitors tanks and pumps at each station in real-time and submits fuel flow and analysis results, all of which can be centrally monitored, in instant/daily/monthly reports to the EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority).

Fleet Sales - Automatic

This is the Fleet Management System which -through our cutting-edge automation infrastructure- ensures 100% control of the fuel consumption of fleet vehicles within desired limits at Petrol Ofisi stations, Turkey's most widespread network of stations, with no payment.

PO Gaz

Having acquired its LPG distribution license in 2006, Petrol Ofisi provides its customers with quality fuel and services above the European Union Standards at more than 1350 sales points under the brand name PO/Gaz. It sells more than 3 million tons of autogas annually, which is consumed by more than 4.7 million vehicles.

Commercial and Industrial Sales

Public Sales

Our Public Sales unit participates in the diesel, heating oil, and fuel oil purchase tenders of the institutions holding Eligible User Licenses and organizes tenders in accordance with the Public Procurement Law No. 4734 and Public Procurement Contracts Law No. 4735. Furthermore, we have dealership agreements in place with Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, who serve our farmers all around Turkey with 17 Regional Unions, 1418 Village Pumps, and 156 sales tankers for agricultural use. With its widespread network of terminals and broad experience, Petrol Ofisi continues to meet the fuel demands of public institutions in a timely and reliable manner.


As Turkey's wholesale market leader, Petrol Ofisi produces tailored services in a flexible structure in consideration of the customer-specific conditions such as consumption needs, storage facilities, and technical infrastructure. Strengthening its presence in the commercial and industrial sales markets, Petrol Ofisi adds the leading companies of Turkey's most prominent industries to its portfolio within the Wholesale Directorate and renews contracts with its existing customers.

Aviation Operations PO Air

Operating in the aviation and jet fuel market since 1967, Petrol Ofisi is the leading company in the industry with its operations under the brand name POAIR. POAIR serves over 200 domestic and international airline companies in Turkey and abroad.

Marine Operations PO Marine

Petrol Ofisi serves in the marine industry under the brand name POMARINE. POMARINE is the only company in Turkey that can offer transit bunkering, SCT-free & bonded fuel bunkering, and marine lubricants as a package to the marine industry. It has 7 marine terminals and 1 floating station positioned along the entire Turkish coastline. It is the only brand that can provide bonded and transit replenishment across all Turkish seas, and it supplies more than 700,000 tons of maritime replenishment annually.


Lubricant Sales

Distribution and retail sales of Petrol Ofisi Lubricants are carried out substantially through the company's nationwide fuel stations and 28 distributor companies. Petrol Ofisi Lubricants, which are directly sold by Petrol Ofisi to public and private sector organizations and authorized automotive services, are exported to 33 countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East along with the Turkish market where they maintain the leading position.

Lubricant Manufacturing - Derince Lubricant Factory

With a total production capacity of 140,000 tons per year and raw material storage capacity of 40,000 tons, Kocaeli Derince Lubricant Factory is Turkey's largest lubricant manufacturing and filling facility. The factory, established on a total area of 120,000 m², 50,000 m² of which is indoor, produces automotive oils, industrial oils, antifreeze agents, hydraulic brake oils, and greases offered by Petrol Ofisi to the market.

Technical Services

Petrol Ofisi Laboratory Analysis Services (POLA) performs lubricant analysis particularly for industrial customers, logistics companies, and the marine industry. This service enables customers to access oil analysis results on the internet and is utilized by more and more customers every year. Moreover, our "Diagnostic Services" provides on-site support to customers, where the problems faced by the users are analyzed by Petrol Ofisi's expert staff of engineers. Our teams promptly intervene the problem with special vehicles equipped with the necessary equipment.

Petrol Ofisi Technology Center - POTEM

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, staffed with qualified personnel, and situated in an indoor area of 1,200 m², Petrol Ofisi Technology Center (POTEM) is the leading-edge technology lab of Turkey and its nearby geography in its field. Petrol Ofisi attaches great importance to the compliance of its products with the expectations and standards of vehicle and engine manufacturers. In POTEM, Petrol Ofisi conducts its R&D studies incessantly and strives to develop new products in light of the state-of-the-art technological developments.

Supply and Logistics

Supply and Logistics Operations

Petrol Ofisi purchases the fuels it sells domestically from Tüpraş and other distribution companies; and abroad from Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Spain, Libya, India, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Turkmenistan.

Terminals and Storage Operations

Petrol Ofisi has a storage capacity of about 1,000,000 cubic meters distributed across 8 fuel and 1 LPG terminals in various regions of Turkey. This corresponds to about 20% of the total fuel storage capacity in Turkey. These terminals are generally replenished from the sea, by fuel-oil and LPG ship tankers. Also, replenishment and delivery are conducted through pipelines and by railway wagons as well.

Transportation Operations

Within the product supply chain of Petrol Ofisi, products are transported via Road Transport, Railway Transport, and Sea Transport with a fleet of 5 ships.


The main objective of the Marketing Department is to work on brand health with a view to sustaining our brand in a healthy fashion, forging strong bonds with customers, and ensuring our company's profitable growth by creating loyal customers.

Under the umbrella of the Marketing Department, our Customer Experience, Insights and Business Analytics, Brand Marketing, and Trade Marketing units strive to ensure the brand health and market share increase of our liquid fuel, gas, and mineral oil brands, while also working on our corporate identity.

Corporate Identity and Brand Management

Consisting of the wolf's head and the Petrol Ofisi name, our corporate logo symbolizes Petrol Ofisi's confident journey toward the future, supported by its deep-rooted history. Our corporate identity, revamped in 2018, is essential for our brand's reputation, representation, and perception.

Sosyal Lig

Sosyal Lig (Social League) is a fantasy association football application available on App Store, Google Play, or Facebook where you draft players from the Turkish Süper Lig within an allocated budget and score points according to actual match statistics.

Loyalty Programs, Collaborations, and Sponsorships
  • Customer Loyalty Programs: Positive Card and ÖdeGeç (Pay and Go)

  • Mobile Application Collaborations: Collaborations with Banks, Loyalty Programs, Non-Fuel Sales Entities, Airlines, Supermarkets, Coffee and Food Chains

  • Products and Technologies Developed: e-POwer for Electric Cars, s-POwer for our Solar-Powered Stations, Vmax Fuels with the Active3 Technology

  • YES (Yakıt Emniyet Sistemi, Fuel Safety System): POGaz 100%-guaranteed LPG

  • Sponsorhips: Companionship with Altınordu FC, Companionship with Niğde Anadolu FC (through the PO/Gaz brand), Jersey Sponsorship with Sarıyer Municipality Women's Volleyball Team (through the Maxima brand)

Other Business Units/Support Functions:

In addition to all these, we maintain our position as the Pioneer of Development with countless other functions and units.

- Human Resources

  • Talent Management

  • HR Operations

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • HR Business Partnerships

  • Administrative Affairs

- Finance

  • Corporate Project Management Office and Business Development

  • Foreign Trade and Customs Operations

  • Financial Reporting and Budget

  • Purchasing

  • Credit Risk

  • Treasury and Insurance

  • Information Technologies

  • Finance Operations

  • O2C (Order to Cash)

- Health, Safety, Environment, Security (HSSE) and Internal Audit

  • HSSE Management

  • Internal Audit

Tips for Candidates

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Our Manifesto

The journey to development starts at Petrol Ofisi

Petrol Ofisi has served generation after generation with the pride of having its roots embedded in this land. Thanks to its pioneering and deep-rooted stance, it has become synonymous with the notion of “development” all around Turkey over the years. It has always pioneered development with its everlasting energy and its culture of cherishing different ideas. Thanks to its role in social development and its vision that links its powerful history to an innovative and agile future, it has always been the “Pioneer of Development” on this journey. By working at Petrol Ofisi, you become the pioneer of your own development and associate in our company's journey of progress.


Main Elements of Our Employer Brand

Our employer value proposition, which forms the basis of our employer brand, stands over three main elements:

İşveren Vaadimiz  

Pioneer of Development in Our Proud Journey

We are a brand with a story. We are a company that the whole Turkish nation trusts, a company where our colleagues are proud to say "I work at Petrol Ofisi". Petrol Ofisi constitutes a very robust and significant reference in terms of the careers of our colleagues, particularly in the energy industry.

Gelişimin Öncüsü

Pioneer of Development in Our Transformation Journey

We are a company who develops and transforms its employees as well in this transformation journey where we evolve into an innovative and agile brand while taking strength from our roots. With our working culture allowing employees of all levels to speak up and introduce their ideas, and to enhance their aptitude for learning from mistakes, we offer our employees the opportunity to participate in projects involving senior management, to try new methods of doing things, and to have an impact on important decisions.

Why Petrol Ofisi

Pioneer of Development in Our Leadership Journey

We are one of Turkey's largest companies. We are a company that is the leader of its industry, expert in its business, and has strong financial sustainability. We raise leaders who will be the pioneers of development so that we hold the lead on this journey.


Why Should I Apply to Petrol Ofisi?


We are not only the leader of our industry, but also an unrivaled organization that consumers always rely on, that leads development by establishing business partnerships outside of its industry, whose name has always been paired with "pride" in Turkey, and we are one of Turkey's largest companies.

Our employer value proposition is also our commitment. Personal, professional, and corporate development is our prime motivation. Therefore, on top of the wages and benefits we offer, we are one of the correct places for all talents who want to feel proud of their institution, intend to pursue their career in an organization that invests and believes in the importance of development every day and every moment.

From this point of view: "By working at Petrol Ofisi, you become the pioneer of your own development and accompany us on our company's journey to go further."

Our Human Resources Vision

Our principle is to improve and make a difference

To live up to our employer value proposition of “The Pioneer of Development” whenever possible, for all internal and external candidates, as well as current and former employees whose paths have once crossed with Petrol Ofisi. To bring innovative, data-oriented HR perspectives and technologies to Petrol Ofisi and to promote the developed and improved HR applications to a leading position in the industry.

Our Team

Our Team


We are a young and dynamic Human Resources team with diverse specialties and various skillsets. We aim to make sure that all our candidates and employees take each mile of their journeys with the same quality and efficiency. Rather than contenting ourselves with meeting the HR needs of business units, we position ourselves as internal consultants and coach our colleagues in all processes related to people and their management. As a happy team that adores their job and company, our core mission is to structure and preserve the human resources that will carry Petrol Ofisi into the future. Offering the best development opportunities for employees, and engraving Petrol Ofisi, whose name stands for "development" in Turkey, to people's mind as an employer is our main objective. As for our candidates; we wish to offer the most favorable candidate experience and make them a member of our team, and to be a place that leaves a mark on their journey of development while enhancing our recognition and preferability among our target audience.


Our Demographics


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