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Our Working Environment

Our working environment, which we have shaped in the light of our common values, vision, mission, and employer value proposition, has a highly innovative design and a central location. Since our head office in Emaar Square is located in the same complex with cafes, restaurants, and numerous shops along with our own recreational areas, it conveniently meets the social needs of our employees.

Offering the most contemporary and trendy working environment of the business world in a way worthy of the Petrol Ofisi brand and its employees, our head office is located in an area of 3 floors in line with the modern horizontal office approach. The head office, which involves the Headquarters business units of Petrol Ofisi, enhances the working conditions with its modern design and advanced technology. In our office, where we work with an open office system, interpersonal communication is sustained by physical spaces as well. In addition to an extensive network of shuttles, we also have a large parking area in the same complex for our colleagues who commute to work with their personal cars.

sosyal Alan
Genel Müdürlük Koleksiyon
Genel Müdürlük koleksiyon
Genel Müdürlük Koleksiyon
Genel Müdürlük Koleksiyon
Antalya Terminal
Antalya Terminal
GDerince Terminal

Providing a safe, healthy, and pleasing working environment with high HSSE standards in our 8 Fuel Terminals, 1 LPG Terminal, 1 Lubricants Factory, and Liaison Offices all located in different cities of Turkey as well as our Head Office in Istanbul, is among our top priorities.

Besides, we also offer home office and flexible working conditions to our sales teams working and traveling in the field all around Turkey.

Our Compensation Strategy

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Learning and Development

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Employee Experience

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Performance Management

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Power Together

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Volunteers Office

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Development Ambassadors

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Employee Stories

Development Ambassadors tell their stories!
Ben Mahmut Çil,
2018 yılından bu yana şirketimizde çalışıyorum. Yatırımlar Kıdemli Müdürü olarak görev yapmaktayım. Birlikte çalıştığım yetkin ve tecrübeli 22 takım arkadaşımla, mevcut bayilerimizin kontrat yenilemeleri, olmadığımız ticari alanlarda istasyon transferleri ve yeni istasyon yatırımlarından sorumluyuz. Daha önce satış ve yatırım departmanlarında çeşitli rollerde çalıştım. Bence işimin en keyifli tarafı sahada bayilerimizle birebir iletişimde bulunarak şirket stratejilerimizin uygulanmasına aracılık etmek.
Petrol Ofisi dendiğinde aklıma aklına gelen ilk 3 şey; liderlik, takım ruhu ve yenilikçilik oluyor. Petrol Ofisi ile gurur duyuyorum çünkü sektöre yön veren, bulunduğu her alanda pazar lideri olan ve çalışanlarına değer veren bir şirketiz. Arkadaşlarına Petrol Ofisi’ni, sunduğu kariyer fırsatları ve büyüme ajandasıyla bulunduğu her alanda liderlik hedefiyle, gelişimi ve değişimi destekleyen büyük bir okul ve aile olarak anlatıyorum.
Gelecekteki Petrol Ofisi’ni ise bugün olduğu gibi gelecekte de gelişmeleri takip ederek öncü bir şekilde teknolojik yenilikleri uygulayan, pazar liderliği pozisyonunu her daim koruyan, bayi ve müşterilerine değer yaratan bir şirket olarak hayal ediyorum.

Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is as important to us as employee experience. We pay attention to the fact that the application and assessment process of our candidates flows in a lean, digital, fast, and reliable manner, and even so that it contributes to the professional development of the candidate, whether or not it results in a job offer. We constantly renew and improve our process in line with the feedback we receive through our surveys.

Experienced Professionals

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Young Talent Program

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Online Internship

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Career Fields (Departments)

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Tips for Candidates

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Our Manifesto

The journey to development starts at Petrol Ofisi

Petrol Ofisi has served generation after generation with the pride of having its roots embedded in this land. Thanks to its pioneering and deep-rooted stance, it has become synonymous with the notion of “development” all around Turkey over the years. It has always pioneered development with its everlasting energy and its culture of cherishing different ideas. Thanks to its role in social development and its vision that links its powerful history to an innovative and agile future, it has always been the “Pioneer of Development” on this journey. By working at Petrol Ofisi, you become the pioneer of your own development and associate in our company's journey of progress.


Main Elements of Our Employer Brand

Our employer value proposition, which forms the basis of our employer brand, stands over three main elements:

İşveren Vaadimiz  

Pioneer of Development in Our Proud Journey

We are a brand with a story. We are a company that the whole Turkish nation trusts, a company where our colleagues are proud to say "I work at Petrol Ofisi". Petrol Ofisi constitutes a very robust and significant reference in terms of the careers of our colleagues, particularly in the energy industry.

Gelişimin Öncüsü

Pioneer of Development in Our Transformation Journey

We are a company who develops and transforms its employees as well in this transformation journey where we evolve into an innovative and agile brand while taking strength from our roots. With our working culture allowing employees of all levels to speak up and introduce their ideas, and to enhance their aptitude for learning from mistakes, we offer our employees the opportunity to participate in projects involving senior management, to try new methods of doing things, and to have an impact on important decisions.

Why Petrol Ofisi

Pioneer of Development in Our Leadership Journey

We are one of Turkey's largest companies. We are a company that is the leader of its industry, expert in its business, and has strong financial sustainability. We raise leaders who will be the pioneers of development so that we hold the lead on this journey.


Why Should I Apply to Petrol Ofisi?


We are not only the leader of our industry, but also an unrivaled organization that consumers always rely on, that leads development by establishing business partnerships outside of its industry, whose name has always been paired with "pride" in Turkey, and we are one of Turkey's largest companies.

Our employer value proposition is also our commitment. Personal, professional, and corporate development is our prime motivation. Therefore, on top of the wages and benefits we offer, we are one of the correct places for all talents who want to feel proud of their institution, intend to pursue their career in an organization that invests and believes in the importance of development every day and every moment.

From this point of view: "By working at Petrol Ofisi, you become the pioneer of your own development and accompany us on our company's journey to go further."


Our Human Resources Vision

Our principle is to improve and make a difference

To live up to our employer value proposition of “The Pioneer of Development” whenever possible, for all internal and external candidates, as well as current and former employees whose paths have once crossed with Petrol Ofisi. To bring innovative, data-oriented HR perspectives and technologies to Petrol Ofisi and to promote the developed and improved HR applications to a leading position in the industry.


Our Team

We are a young and dynamic Human Resources team with diverse specialties and various skillsets. We aim to make sure that all our candidates and employees take each mile of their journeys with the same quality and efficiency. Rather than contenting ourselves with meeting the HR needs of business units, we position ourselves as internal consultants and coach our colleagues in all processes related to people and their management. As a happy team that adores their job and company, our core mission is to structure and preserve the human resources that will carry Petrol Ofisi into the future. Offering the best development opportunities for employees, and engraving Petrol Ofisi, whose name stands for "development" in Turkey, to people's mind as an employer is our main objective. As for our candidates; we wish to offer the most favorable candidate experience and make them a member of our team, and to be a place that leaves a mark on their journey of development while enhancing our recognition and preferability among our target audience.

Our Awards

Rising Star 2018LinkedIn Rising Star
Stevie Awards 2020Innovative HR Applications
Brandon Hall 2020 Best Advance in Leadership Development
Stevie Awards 2021Award for Innovation in Human Resources Management, Planning & Practice
EBMA 2021Best Alignment of the Employer Value Proposition with Corporate Brand Values
Brandon Hall 2021 Best Unique or Innovative HR Program
Brandon Hall 2021Best Unique or Innovative Talent Acquisition Program
Brandon Hall 2021 Best Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding Program

Our Demographics


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