All is on track
with Petrol Ofisi!
AutoMatic Fleet Management is an effective fleet management and fuel earning system that enables companies with fleets to meet their fuel need quickly, comfortably, and reliably at Petrol Ofisi stations without making any payment and to keep their fuel consumption under control.
All is on track
with Petrol Ofisi!
With AutoMatic Fleet Management, we provide fast, easy and innovative solutions to the different needs of all commercial fleets, from a single vehicle to a thousand vehicles.
All is on track
with Petrol Ofisi!
AutoMatic Fleet Management offers products and services designed for your personal and business needs and allows you to manage your fleet comfortably. All is on track with to the AutoMatic Fleet Management System by Petrol Ofisi!
All is on track for your fleet in 81 cities across Turkey!

All is on track for your fleet thanks to
time-saving technologies by Petrol Ofisi!


All is on track for your
fleet thanks to 4% fuel economy!


Innovations from Petrol Ofisi that will things easier
for you while your
company continues to develop

Türkiyenin Ofisi Petrol Ofisi
Türkiyenin Ofisi Petrol Ofisi
Türkiyenin Ofisi Petrol Ofisi

Why AutoMatic Fleet Management System?

With our cutting edge technology products, ,
Fuel economy up to %4

Reliable service
with the most widespread network of stations in 81 cities

Quick and easy online fuel system
that you can manage simultaneously

Flexible fleet management system
allowing for instant fuel consumption tracking,
fleet grouping and limitation

Safe and accurate supply
of the product defined to the registered license plate

Cost management and operational convenience
with a single invoice for all fuel purchases

Cards that provide special benefits
to your employees in line with the company’s needs

How AutoMatic Fleet Management Works?

Tırnak İşareti

The fleet owner agrees with the
Petrol Ofisi representative in order to be a
customer of AutoMatic Fleet Management
and benefit from the opportunities.

Tırnak İşareti

Customer information, license plate numbers,
and fuel types are recorded in the
Petrol Ofisi AutoMatic Fleet Management System

Tırnak İşareti

The customer makes an appointment for installation
of the selected AutoMatic Fleet Management device.
Then, the most appropriate installation point is identified
The device is installed with a unique
password and the customer can start to
purchase fuel from Petrol Ofisi
stations within the same day

Tırnak İşareti

The driver arrives at Petrol Ofisi Station and drives into the fuel island with
the AutoMatic Fleet Management logo.
When the fuel gun is
inserted into the tank,
the system recognizes
the vehicle and
the fuel purchase takes
place automatically.

Tırnak İşareti

The purchase amount is not collected immediately,
the cash register receipt is printed out
automatically with the information that the
invoice will be issued later.The driver
takes this receipt and continues
to drive without any payment and delay.

Tırnak İşareti

Petrol Ofisi issues an invoice
twice a month, one on the 15th
and the other on the last day
of the month, and send
them to the customer.

Tırnak İşareti

The Customer can access the AutoMatic Fleet Management
System usage information via the website
or mobile application anywhere and any time
and display easily the
vehicle limit determination
and fuel purchase report.

Tırnak İşareti

Customer may also
receive support from
Petrol Ofisi
Customer Service for after-sales
information and transactions.
(Phone: 0212 329 17 00)

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