Experience Petrol Ofisi privileges with AutoMatic fleet cards!

With AutoMatic fleet cards developed specially for your company's needs, you can easily manage your operations and benefit from the privileges offered by Petrol Ofisi.


AutoMatic Filo Club Card
AutoMatic Filo

Club Card

Positive Fleet Club Card is a loyalty card project that is designed for the employees of our AutoMatic Customers, and provides additional benefits with PAY & PASS and Money Club features.

AutoMatic Filo Logistics Card
AutoMatic Filo

Logistics Card

Positive Fleet Logistics Card is a payment system that is used for at the stations. Users swipe their cards through POS devices at the station, enter their password, and pay for their fuel purchase by preloaded money on the card.

AutoMatic Filo Gift Card
AutoMatic Filo

Gift Card

Positive Fleet Gift Card is used for cash at the stations and is designed for companies that want to gift fuel as a marketing and promotional activity to their customers or prospects.

AutoMatic Filo Border Pass Card
AutoMatic Filo

Border Pass Card

Positive Fleet Border Pass Card enables international transportation and logistics companies (those companies identified by the Ministry to have such rights) to purchase fuel without SCT and VAT and without having to use cash or credit cards at the Petrol Ofisi border stations.

AutoMatic Filo Commercial Card
AutoMatic Filo

Commercial Card

This loyalty card project allows commercial vehicle owners to gain various advantages at stations for their buses, taxis, minibuses, and trucks.

AutoMatic Filo Farmer Card
AutoMatic Filo

Farmer Card

This card offers various advantages at the stations for individuals and firms working in the agricultural industry. The invoice / receipt is delivered to the user at the station for purchases with Positive Fleet Farmer Card.